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Be content with your event content

by Admin | Nov 01, 2018 | Events, Technology |

Be content, with your event content


Last week, we attended EventLab 2018 at the Barbican Conservatory in London, and a few sessions on content really got us thinking. Content is fundamental to delivering a fantastic live event, but we all know it takes time, thought and plenty of creativity to compile a truly compelling show. We’ve put together a few points to consider when developing your content and how to ensure it is engaging, informative and enjoyable!


What’s your point?

Sounds obvious, but seriously, what’s your point? The key question when planning any live event should be, what is the point of your event? What is the message and how do you want it to land with your audience? Grasp the key objectives of your event and building the content will develop, swiftly after. Sounds simple right? Not always. We’re all guilty of losing site of the bigger picture, and maybe getting carried away or over excited. Our first tip when building your content is to always think back to the objectives of the event, and the key message the event needs to deliver. Does your content complement this? If not, maybe it isn’t relevant and shouldn’t be included in the agenda.


Look beyond the speaker

Having people that speak well is important, but think beyond the person on the stage and consider what your audience are seeing behind the speaker. Strong graphics, and visually captivating content is an easy way to engage with your audience. Gone are the days of text heavy slides that are impossible to read, no matter how impressive your LED wall is. Less is more, so don’t worry about the spending hours on power point, building in slow fades, and swirling transitions. Instead using strong and bold graphics will immediately focus the audiences’ eye toward the screen. This coupled with excellent delivery means you’ll have an engaged and interested audience.

Don’t be shy and get creative using video content to change the tempo of the day. It can be a great way to re -focus the audience after a 45 minute session with one person talking and gives your speaker a chance to reiterate their point, visually.



Get involved, you know you want to

Event apps

Audience interaction, although a little daunting to some, is a vital way to engage with your delegates. It doesn’t mean everyone needs to stand up and introduce themselves with their name, favourite colour and their pets name. Everyone in your audience will most likely have a smart phone, so use it to your benefit and include live polling through your event app. This is a brilliant platform to give your audience a voice, without the overwhelming task of standing up in front of hundreds of people to ask a question. Incorporate the live polling within your content and show that the audiences opinion matter. This can be updated throughout the show as a live element to your main screen.

Video content

We’ve touched on the importance of video content, why not create your video using your audience as cast members? Don’t use random actors that the audience can’t relate to, use your employees in scripted skits. This helps the audience to relate on a personal level and creates a connection between the audience and the content. If people can relate, they remember!

Make your audience the content! We’ve previously re-created a famous TV gameshow and used members of the audience to play on the stage, to reinforce their knowledge of the product information shared throughout the day. This is a light hearted and unique way of engaging with your audience on a personal level and is always fun for fellow employees to see their colleagues up on stage.

Creating interactive content will enhance the engagement between your audience and the speaker, encouraging the message to land effectively while giving the audience something to talk about post event!


Lights, set, stage & action

We’d all love to have limitless budget, allowing us multiple locations, each with a new set and stage to ensure every session is unique and exciting, but let’s be realistic. Besides breakout rooms, your main plenary is most likely going to take place from the same room. Changing your lighting between sessions can instantly alter the atmosphere in the room, from serious to playful and help drive home the content message. Use video content to break up the tempo of the day, it doesn’t all have to be in power point you know! Shown on an LED wall, content will jump off the screen as well as be visually impressive to guests.

Don’t be scared to have some stage movements throughout the show, drag that lectern off and replace it with some chairs or the game show panel if you like our idea from earlier!


Don’t forget the venue

Use your chosen venue to your advantage when constructing your content. If you have a product to launch and want to fully immerse them, have you thought about building content that can be shown in 3D, or in an iMax cinema? Why not consider a 360 screen with the audience sitting in the middle so they’re literally surrounded by the content.

Make sure that from the moment guests step into the venue, they’re excited to be there. Surprise and delight moments can start from the minute they arrive, heightening their expectations and denoting how the day is going to pan out. Give people something to talk about, and something to engage with – go beyond a croissant served on a napkin with luke-warm tea or coffee – and then hit them with your amazing content. Result? A successful and compelling live event.


We’ve been working with our clients for over 25 years to build the strategy, create compelling content and deliver exceptional live experiences and film. Along the way we’ve delivered some fantastic events and film projects that have gone above and beyond client and attendee expectation. We believe engaging with audiences is the best way to create experiences and we’d love to know if we can help you do this. Get in touch today by emailing hello@sledge.co.ukor contacting the office on 020 8740 4550.