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Employer’s Guide to the World Cup

by Admin | Jul 10, 2018 | Sports | 0 Comments

  The Football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in world and it is well underway in Russia with 64 games being played out in the span of 32 days. Not only does this excite the football fanatics, but it also grips the people who generally have little or no interest in football and turns them into fans for the duration of The World Cup! The last World Cup drew in 3.2 billion v...

Sporting Events: Bringing People Together

by Gemma | Jul 25, 2019 | Sports | 0 Comments

For thousands of years, humans have participated in sport. The existence of sport across the world proves that there is a universal element in it that appeals to all of the human race, regardless of cultural differences. While each country might have their own favourite, sportsmanship and fun in competition seems to be a universal language.Throughout history, there have been instances when a share...