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Be content with your event content

by Admin | Nov 01, 2018 | Events, Technology | 0 Comments

Be content, with your event content   Last week, we attended EventLab 2018 at the Barbican Conservatory in London, and a few sessions on content really got us thinking. Content is fundamental to delivering a fantastic live event, but we all know it takes time, thought and plenty of creativity to compile a truly compelling show. We’ve put together a few points to consider when developing...

How Virtual Reality is having a Positive Effect in 2018

by Admin | Jun 25, 2018 | Technology | 0 Comments

  It’s hard to believe that VR has been a concept for almost forty years in the UK when it has only really been in recent years that we’ve seen it come into our everyday lives. It has been around as a form of entertainment for a while but the development of it recently, has created completely immersive experiences that have never been seen before. If entertainment is the objective, VR...

We're Watching You - Love Island's Remote Cameras

by Admin | Jun 05, 2019 | Uncategorized, Technology | 0 Comments

Summer is looming which means it’s that time of year again. At 9pm, 3.5 million of us religiously tune in to watch ITV’s Love Island. Would it even be summer if we didn’t get our daily fix of drama, ‘muggings off’ and ‘crackings on’? This well-documented and thrilling fix of reality TV has become a staple of British popular culture and a global success, with rights to the format bei...