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What Makes a Good Christmas in July Press Show?

by Admin | Jul 20, 2018 | Events |


For those in the know, Christmas starts in July. This may sound crazy but it’s the best way for brands to showcase their Christmas products to journalists and industry influencers in time to be included in long lead titles for Christmas and generate PR about their Christmas lines. Throughout the first two weeks of July, journalists are busy traveling from venue to venue to taste and sample everything Christmas. Sledge have worked with some well-known supermarkets (check out our case studies) to bring some festive vibes to the summer months and we have some top tips on what makes a successful Christmas in July press event!


Pick A Theme and Stick To It

The fun part about Christmas in July is getting creative and theming a venue to showcase your product. Whether it’s a traditional Christmas theme or something with a twist such as Alice in Winterland once you’ve settled on your theme, stick to it!

We all love to get creative but make sure you’re clear on the journey you want to create and how this will translate within your venue and for the brand. If you have a small venue, then graphics can be a great way to illustrate the theme with small clusters of props to bring the creative to life. If you have a large venue, then use bigger props to fill space create scenes to dress intricately rather than trying to cover the entire floor space with moss.


Remember It’s All About the Product

The product you are showcasing is the most important part of the day, whether you have hundreds of turkeys to show off or a mountain of Brussel Sprouts, always consider how you’re going to display them and make sure they’re clearly visible within your set dressing. The more elaborate your theme the easier it is to loose the product, so ensure your displays have plenty of height and you don’t forget to order lots of serving crockery. You can tie this into the theme, for example for an Alice in Wonderland why not hire mis-match vintage crockery to display your product.


Find the Perfect Venue

If you’re holding this event in a city, make sure it’s close to public transport. Journalists will most likely be attending multiple events in one day, and if you’re difficult to get to they may not come at all!

Consider your product list and the quantities you have to showcase, this is vital when finding the right venue. If your product list is small, don’t hire a huge venue as the displays can look lost, which doesn’t generate a good impression to journalists. On the flip side, if your product list is large make sure you hire a venue that can accommodate this! Don’t hire somewhere small, dark and pokey as this will feel busy and cramped, it’s all about the customer experience and making the product look good! Consider taking over a whole townhouse or what about a grand ballroom.

Finally, storage! You’ll need to replenish product throughout the day so you need somewhere to store everything, think beyond the event space and consider the logistics before signing on that dotted line!


It’s All About the Money

It’s the boring subject, but the most crucial to holding a successful, themed press show. Consider the budget before brainstorming creative ideas and make sure you can afford all of those real Christmas trees. Think outside the box, you can hire some amazing fake greenery now that is cheaper and still has the same effect.

Be realistic with your budget and what theme is affordable. Traditional Christmas is easier to achieve with Christmas trees and wrapped presents compared to transforming a venue into an Alpine Lodge complete with fake snow, antique wooden sledges and live snow machine!

At Sledge, we love to get our creative hats on and get under the skin of the brand to work up a creative that will best showcase your products. If you’re looking for some imaginative brains with the experience of producing successful press shows be they themed or not, then get in touch with us to chat about your requirements.


Laura Ward
Account Manager