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Content Creation & Film Production in a COVID Safe Way

by Admin | Aug 03, 2020 | Events, Technology |

When it comes to film production, it’s a hands-on task. We get the close-ups, we mic the talent with lapel mics, we handle the kit all day long and work in close proximity. But as 2020 has shown, adjustment needs to be made in order to adapt to the ‘new normal’ – and film production is no exception. So, how do we shoot and produce content in a COVID safe way?


Social Distancing


The buzz-phrase of the year, but undoubtably the key thing to being safe on set. Whilst social distancing means the production process will be a bit different, we can still get the same creative results we want. Our crews are dynamic and can work well in the space we are given. Another key consideration for social distancing is the kit we use, so how does this work?


Kit Considerations


Kit considerations will vastly help with social distancing. We use the latest cameras which can shoot 4K resolution at a minimum. This means we can position the cameras at a good enough distance from the subject, and still crop in for the close up. Essentially, you get two shots from one camera, helping to maximise floorspace on set and minimise the number of cameras needed.


Where there’s video, there’s almost certainly audio. So, when it comes to mic’ing the talent on set, we will aim to use boom-mics on stands to ensure the audio is captured in the best possible quality, whilst minimising the need to put a lapel mic on the subject. When a lapel mic is essential, appropriate PPE would be worn by the crew member whenever they need to break the 2m role and come close to the interviewee or talent.




Locations are a key factor in being safe on a shoot. With transmission of COVID said to be less prevalent outdoors, why not make the most of the long summer days and consider an outdoor location for your shoot? Outdoor shoots offer a nice change from the white backdrop of a studio space. They can give you a varied aesthetic and you can craft your narrative more to the outdoor location you are in. Additionally, and most importantly, crew can space out easier and you are not limited to the confines of an indoor space. However, considerations such as power, crew facilities and access are a few things that will need to be thought ofprior to the shoot.


Creative Style


Content creation has a plethora of options out there, meaning you are not restricted to a camera shoot. Stock footage, motion graphics, remote capture and animation can give you vast options for your project. These options can all be worked on remotely by our editors at home and eliminate the need to face to face contact whilst working on the project. 


Briefs can be discussed remotely, files can be sent online, and editing can be done over the cloud, always keeping the workflow dynamic and up to date – this includes even on a filmed shoot.


So, as we head into the second half of 2020 adjusting to the new normal, our film team has adjusted too. We are ready to get creative with your latest brief and come up with the perfect socially distanced solution for your film project. Drop us an email at hello@sledge.co.uk, let’s have a virtual cuppa and we’d love to chat through your brief.