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Embracing Innovation: Technology in Events

by Gemma | Oct 25, 2019 | Events |

Event professionals are embracing innovative event management tools, and with good reason. New technologies are appearing for every part of an event, from budgeting to registration, changing the way in which events are organised and run.

Facial recognition is definitely a new event tech that’s on its way up, and it’s already made significant marks on the events industry. A lot of events these days are going smarter, making the most of mobile event apps to let attendees access information on the go.

From event details, agendas, speaker information to exclusive event networking features, it’s all in the palm of their hands. Event app developers are now focusing on integrating new and improved tech, including AR and AI, within event apps to engage attendees as well as for lead generation at tradeshows, conferences, expos, and the like. 

Event professionals are now putting heavy emphasis on experiences, as attendees value these above anything. Event technology such as 3D projection mapping and video mappingis on the rise. 

Imagine a world where Wi-Fi speed and reliability are not concerns at large-scale events. That’s what the advent of 5G could mean for event organisers. This has exciting implications: attendees and event managers won’t have to worry about connectivity, there will be new ways to engage attendees via their devices, and events will be able to incorporate future trends like 3D technology or virtual reality more quickly.

While we currently use social media, surveys and ratings to see how our audience is feeling, the future will bring us faster and more innovative ways to analyse this important data. Emotion-sensing technology will tell us instantly if a speaker is sparking interest, allowing us to adjust the event for what attendees are responding to. 

With so much event tech out there, it’s hard to know what’s most important, what will stick around, and what’s next. In the world of event planning, quickly figuring out what is working and what is not is key.

Incorporating technology into events isn’t new, but how guests expect to interact with it is. With the capabilities of today’s technologies, it’s no wonder we’re starting to get more strategic about the way we connect people. 

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