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Minimising stress thanks to #EventWell18

by Admin | Sep 27, 2018 | Uncategorized |


As event professionals we have all read articles that say working in events is up there in the top 10 most stressful jobs (trust us, google it). Luckily for us, #EventWell18 is a campaign that ran last week with the aim to bring a focus on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of event professionals. The lovely folk over a EventWell Ltd are the brains behind this idea, so check them out for more information https://eventwell.org/eventwell18-event-wellbeing-week/. 


Sledge got involved last week with the #EventWell18 campaign, taking part in a mindfulness massage held by Nicky Morgan at POINT3 Wellbeing. The session taught us the importance of staying clam in stressful situations and what you can do if you feel under pressure. The main focal point was controlling your breathing, which is linked to your emotional and cognitive development. Now we know why you’re always told to take a deep breath when under stress! Nicky allowed the whole team to relax, get into a comfortable position with our eyes closed before talking us through different activities.  A particular favourite was learning how to train our thoughts to focus on a particular and personal environment and remove other niggling thoughts that would cloud our often-busy minds.


This session got us thinking about how as part of #EventWell18 we’d like to offer a helping hand to our friends in the industry by sharing some of our collective tips for managing your time to ensure a stress-free working environment. Nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing something off your to-do list and feeling like you’ve conquered, what can sometimes feel like, a mammoth and daunting task! There is nothing worse than feeling like a particular job on your to do list is weighing you down and keeping you up at night, and let’s be honest, we’ve all been there!



Our first tip is to prioritise what is on your to do list. Often, you might want to put off the most overwhelming and daunting task and do the easy ones first, but typically this doesn’t help in the long run. As we all know, a day in any event job moves quickly and can be unpredictable. Doing the biggest task first and getting it out of the way, no matter how much you don’t want to, means it won’t slip down your list and into that danger zone – the last-minute panic.


Write it down, cross it off

Writing down your to do list means you can easily visualise the volume of work you have to do. It’s easy to get bogged down thinking about how much you feel you have to do, but by writing it down you can separate the list into manageable chunks and work on prioritising your tasks. As soon as the task is done, cross it off – don’t pretend you don’t get a kick out of seeing a page full of ticked off jobs. A warning though, don’t fall into the trap of writing down every single tiny job you have to do just to procrastinate, that’s not a priority!



The best way to manage your time is to communicate your work load. Working in a team environment, we’re lucky that we can discuss with colleagues how much we have to do within our working day. The best thing about being in events is the comradery within teams and the overarching personality trait that we all club together to get things done. If you’re at maximum capacity, tell someone. Everyone is busy, and sometimes if you’re buried under a pile of work so is the person next to you. But, if you can’t take on additional workload it’s best to admit this before you drown and can’t complete an important task on time. There are always solutions and ways to split a task amongst the team to get the job done.


These are just a few ways we work as a team to manage our time, and with the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our staff being so important to us we were really inspired by the #EventWell18 campaign. We can’t wait to get involved again next year!