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Live Event Broadcasts

by Admin | Feb 27, 2020 | Events, Technology |

Sledge have some amazing solutions to create Live Event Broadcasts. We have been developing these in line with our strategy to provide more Sustainable Event Solutions.


We promise they are nothing like boring webcasts, and they are not dependant on high speed internet so can be delivered to and from multiple locations around the world simultaneously. Speakers and attendees can log in from any device (even over 4G). 


We produce these Broadcasts Shows just like we would a Live Event to ensure there have engaging content, showcase the topic, provide opportunities to meet, network, share and learn, just like you would at an event but as a virtual meeting.


This technology can also be utilised to develop ThoughtLeadership Platforms and Podcast, which we have been producing for our clients.


We can activate quickly as they are controlled remotely, so within 24hrs you could be up and running.


Let us know if you want to discuss and set up a demo.