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Silver Linings

by Admin | May 06, 2020 | Events |

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'”

Alfred Lord Tennyson


Think of something that would have felt completely normal a couple of months ago, that seems crazy now. Going to the pub or the gym? Planning your Summer Conference or Incentive? 


Every cloud has a silver lining. Although the world feels up-side-down at the moment and thinking of anything other than the awful impact Covid-19 is having on the world is difficult (the biggest metaphorical cloud a lot of us will have ever experienced). We, at Sledge are trying to look for the glimmers of faith that are the silver linings. We take the current situation very seriously but hope that positive spin on some of the results of this awful virus may help you to find some comfort when things seem tough.  


Being kind is a prominent message at the moment, which can only ever lead to good and communication has improved, with people taking the time to check-in on others on a much more regular basis than they might normally – whether that be friends, family or colleagues. With this, businesses are adapting to communication change with video conferencing, normalising this tool to some who may have found it awkward previously. The question is whether the way in which we work will change. Will companies still insist on office space when workers have proved that long-term remote working is possible? 


Self-care is a great thing to be practising while you’ve got the gift of time. There are no excuses for putting off the thing you’ve always wanted to achieve; read that book; learn how to cook that cake; water your plants (it doesn’t have to be anything big!). We’re finding little things go a long way to help with the feeling of self-accomplishment. The bigger things might be achievable too now without some of life’s normal distractions – maybe a fitness goal or learning a language or even taking a course? Find something that will make you feel proud and do it. What’s stopping you really? 


With time comes the ability to discover new things – interests, places, friends. The Sledge team have become very partial to quizzes over the last few weeks (with the rest of the country!) what might you find now that could be a hobby for years to come? 


Although you’re limited in what you can do, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the future. As event professionals we’re “planning freaks” by nature; plan your dream trip through South America, or a party for that special occasion coming up at the end of the year – having things to look forward to is a fantastic way to keep you motivated!


One of the most important factors which have been reinstated during this time is just how important our key workers are. People have been given the opportunity to show their respect for our every-day-heroes and also support these services, with an amazing amount of volunteering options available. Let’s hope that this respect continues moving forward and that people manage to find the time to support services and charities that desperately need help.  


Looking to the wider world, there’s hope that the lack of movement may lead to our planet getting a much-earned breather from the stress us humans put it through on a daily basis. We may find that happier skies, oceans and forests come from this. Perhaps this time may also kick-start more sustainability initiatives moving forward after the impact of this severe change to our everyday lives shows results? 


More than anything, when restrictions are lifted and the world goes back to its normal way, you’ll be so much more grateful for every experience you’re lucky enough to have. Just think about how amazing that first embrace with your family or a simple drink at the pub will be … you might even enjoy your commute for the first week too! 


Although a scary time, we hope these silver linings bring a little positivity to your day – stay safe from all of us here at Sledge. 

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Judy Ripley - May 06 2020

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