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Speaker Briefing: what do you really want from your speaker?

by Gemma | Nov 14, 2019 | Events |

A speaker takes on a very important role at events. They are usually brought in to inspire, educate or entertain an audience, sharing an external point of view on how their own experiences helped shape them personally and professionally, or made a real impact on their life. The speaker needs to be able to illustrate how knowledge gleaned from their own experiences can benefit your organisation, and especially your people.

A great story can be a powerful tool for capturing an audience’s attention but really, the main purpose of a speaker is to connect their unique journey with their listeners to ignite passion and enthusiasm, and give people the confidence to make a positive change in themselves and their own work.

The real task is how to find the right speaker for an event – someone who can make an honest connection with the audience, and to find that person, you have to start with the ‘why?’ You’ll need to consider the aim of the event – are you trying to motivate and unite teams or do you want to educate and focus on a specific subject, such as technology? And alongside this, is there a specific theme for the event that all the messaging needs to link with?

A well-known industry name or a celebrity will always have a certain pull for audiences. However, that doesn’t mean that they have the most meaningful story to tell. With the huge impact of TED events around the world, we know the importance of simple storytelling and the power it can have to connect with audiences, so always consider unknown names as well. 

To help steer the speaker and create the most impact on the audience, it’s helpful to look at the format of the day. Is your speaker at the beginning of the day, and so will need to set the tone for what follows with a dose of enthusiasm? Or are they meeting the audience after a long break, with the need to inject some energy into the room? Perhaps they’re speaking at the end of the day, when reflection on earlier messages and summarising what’s gone before will resonate best. 

We have brought external speakers to many of our events and have seen the impact they can have. The right story and the way it is told can leave people feeling engaged, energised and with a more positive outlook moving forward. If you need some help finding the perfect motivational speaker for your event, give us a shout at hello@sledge.co.uk