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The 2020 Incentive Destination Hotlist

by Admin | Dec 05, 2019 | Events |

The destination makes or breaks an incentive. It’s the critical part of the of any communication plan surrounding a trip and impacts so many elements of the experience itself: how long do you want the group to spend away? What season do you want to travel? What budget do you have to dedicate to the initiative? 

Here are the must-visit destinations for 2020, with our recommendations based on length, season and spend: 





Length: 2 – 4 days Season: Summer Spend: £££ 

island surrounded by water and mountains at daytime

The destination for the group that feels like they’ve seen and done everything – Slovenia still packs a surprise! This little gem will keep you guessing as it’s one of the only European countries still waiting to be discovered. Surpassing all expectations, its capital Ljubljana combines elegant architecture with fantastic Italian-inspired cuisine, while the countryside offers stunning scenery and a glorious wine region. If that wasn’t enough, this destination is at the forefront of sustainability, winning many awards over the last few years to showcase this. 



Length: 3 – 5 days Season: Summer Spend: £££ 

A must-visit for those looking for the next popular destination while it’s still under the radar. Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital is Europe’s up-and-coming city on the fringe of the continent. This destination showcases the diversity of its inhabitants with a wealth of architecture ranging from modern skyscrapers to historic temples, all stretched along the beautiful Caspian coast. Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it combines classical Europe with culture from the Middle East. 



Length: 2 – 4 days Season: Summer Spend: £££ 

bird's eye view of houses beside body of water

This has been a favourite of ours for a few years, and we’re not the only ones – with luxury brands such as One&Only opening a resort in this small country. Montenegro has been a hotspot for celebrities and socialites for decades due to the beauty and seclusion of resorts such as Sveti Stefan, and it promises an experience of total luxury. As its name suggests, the country is renowned for its spectacular black mountains – this is a destination that offers a wealth of activities and unbelievable panoramic views, despite being only two thirds the size of Wales.





Length: 6 – 10 days Season: Winter/Spring Spend: ££££

train on railway between green mountains during daytime

This destination is an explorer’s paradise, with fascinating countryside and a world of activities that are picture perfect every time. With iconic destinations such as the Andes and the Galapagos Islands, an unforgettable adventure is guaranteed. Explore the capital, Quito, for art and architecture, along with vibrant nightlife. Away from the modern city centres, you’ll feel yourself come alive in areas of undiscovered natural beauty or fall in love with the UNESCO-rated architecture in Cuenca. Eco-retreats are plentiful here, making it a great destination for a wellness experience. 


New Orleans

Length: 5 – 7 days Season: Spring Spend: ££££ 

road with people and house

If you’re looking for a party atmosphere, this is the perfect destination, especially during Mardi Gras or the Jazz Fest. There’s the buzz of music and laughter on every corner, overlooked by the city’s beautiful multi-coloured buildings. Food is at the heart of many of the experiences New Orleans has to offer, fusing the cultures of the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. 


Washington DC

Length: 5 – 7 days Season: Spring/Autumn Spend: ££££

wide road with vehicle traveling with white dome building

Culture, diversity and history? If these elements are what interest your group, Washington DC should be next on your hitlist. The US capital is a powerhouse of world-famous monuments and political hotspots, making for a fascinating experience. Having said that, this city is sometimes overlooked as a destination, meaning it’s a lot less well-known than you might think! 





Cape Town 

Length: 5 – 7 days Season: Spring/Autumn Spend: ££££ 

aerial view photography of seashore

This is the location for stunning natural wonders and a fascinating, immersive culture. With no time difference, although the flight is long, visitors fit right into the swing of things straight away. From marvelling at the famous Table Mountain to wandering around an art gallery or museum, there’s so much to see. We’d suggest pairing Cape Town with the second African destination on our hotlist, Tanzania. 



Length: 5 – 7 days Season: Spring Spend: ££££ 

brown hot air balloon during dayime

A nature-lovers paradise. After flying into Cape Town for a few days, the next logical step is to head to the Serengeti in Tanzania to experience an amazing safari. Wake up in a lodge to the sound of animals at the waterhole, and enjoy cook-outs in the bush after a day of tracking the Big 5. Then make your final stop one of the beautiful beaches of this vast country – the perfect way to recharge. Stilted lodges standing above a calm sea accommodate visitors in the most luxurious way. 






Length: 6 – 10 days Season: Spring/Autumn Spend: ££££

Mount Fuji, Japan

Japan is the place for those who want to be wowed with an experience that is unlike any other. Welcome to the land of tradition and precision. For an electric start, Tokyo is the birthplace of neon robot shows and Karaoke, while for a more zen moment, Kyoto is the resting place of great Samurai. With its capital hosting global events such as the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympics, this is the must visit destination in Asia for 2020. 


South East Asia 

Length: 6 – 10 days Season: Winter Spend: £££ 

brown and white pagoda on top of brown mountain during daytime

Promising all of its visitors a taste of spirituality and discovery, South East Asia is the destination for those that love the other-worldly. From high-end resorts in monkey sanctuaries and on pristine beaches to rustic retreats to cultural hotspots, the experiences on offer in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are unlimited. 


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