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Employer’s Guide to the World Cup

by Admin | Jul 10, 2018 | Sports |


The Football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in world and it is well underway in Russia with 64 games being played out in the span of 32 days. Not only does this excite the football fanatics, but it also grips the people who generally have little or no interest in football and turns them into fans for the duration of The World Cup! The last World Cup drew in 3.2 billion viewers with more than 1 billion tuning into the final. With this exciting all the world, it is logical for the employers to fear that these enthusiasms will creep into the office thus affecting the productivity of their employees. So how do employers deal with the distractions of the World Cup, especially with some of the games being played during the office hours?

It is reasonable to assume that the attention of employees will turn to the football when a game is on, therefore affecting their productivity during this time. So, what will be the best course of action that an employer can take? One option is to stream the game in a meeting room. A benefit of doing this is the increase of morale amongst employees because this will show that you care about their interests, and better morale will boost their engagement and productivity when they are not watching the match as well as long term benefits such as retentions.

Not all employees will be interested in the football so will seek to work in peace without being distracted by their colleagues watching the football. Streaming the match in the meeting room will allow employees to watch the match without distracting disinterested employees. If an office TV is not available, it may lead to streaming the match on their devices. This could be distracting to other employees, especially if they react to happenings of the match.

Streaming the game in the meeting room will help build relationships within the business. If employees congregate in the same meeting room, this could lead to interactions with employees in different departments of the business that you normally don’t interact with. The employees will have the World Cup as a common interest and have a terrific way to begin a narrative with another employee.

Employers can also offer to hold World Cup sweepstakes where employees are given the chance to win money when they are randomly allocated teams. This will lead to relationships being formed as it brings about some friendly rivalry in the office and provides some fun during the World Cup. However, it should be noted that the laws should be consulted when running an office sweepstakes to ensure it is not construed as illegal betting.

When appropriate, employers can allow the employees to wear the jerseys of the teams they are supporting on match days. This will lighten the mood in the office and allow the employees to enjoy the World Cup. Again, this will boost the morale of employees and will be appreciated as a gesture of reward for their hard work and dedication.

So, here’s to another World Cup, where there will be the hopes of nations across the World riding on their team, with plenty of elations along with heart breaks, and my hope that we will have ‘Three Lions (it’s coming home),’ ringing out all over the country at full time on the 15th July!

Nathan Vahiesan