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The Challenge

Create a series of cultural films to engage an audience in China about Dubai culture, finance, art and tourism.


The Response

  • We produced over 20 different films across the region to fully showcase Dubai to the Chinese audience across culture, finance, art and tourism
  • ‘Taste of Home’ – A film based on a chef whom, many miles from home, was devoted to providing a real taste of China to the people of Dubai. He brought the soul of Chinese cooking into his restaurant in Dubai’s old town. Considered filming and adherence to photographic style elevated this film far above the standard corporate communication
  • ‘Best of Dubai Art’ – A documentary-style film showcasing the diverse range of artistic opportunities Dubai has to offer.
  • ‘Cultural Centre of Dubai’ – A film which focused on the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai. The centre is a non for profit organisation which aims to educate tourists on the culture of Dubai, including Dubai lifestyle, historical information and traditional cuisines & dress. The purpose of this film was to highlight these areas through interviewing the managing director of the centre about the work they do and how the centre operates.
  • ‘Dubai Week in China: Opening VT‘ – We created an animated skyline sequence, which demonstrated the grandeur of the Dubai and Shanghai Skylines. The purpose of the animation was to highlight the similarities of the two cities over time.


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