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F1 Rocks


The Challenge

Seamlessly integrate the world of Formula 1 and music entertainment by producing bespoke content for the sponsors, filming the concerts and delivering 30/60 minute television programme combining all filmed elements.


The Response

  • We produced a series of films across the globe, including ‘F1 Rocks Sao Paulo’, ‘F1 Rocks Valencia’, and ‘F1 Rocks Monza’ to support the F1 Rocks concerts.
  • ‘F1 Rocks Sao Paulo’ – Bruno Senna was the Lotus driver for this film. The production included flying drivers and talent to the Pirelli skid track where we filmed scary skid-related excitement. We commenced edit one to create a newsreel before the F1 Rocks concert, as well as filming a separate element with Bruno Senna for Pirelli’s Facebook page, where fans could suggest tricks for him to do in the car. The event was the next evening, where we shot key interviews with music artists Jessie J and Macy Gray, as well as filming the entire concert using a multi-camera set-up. An overnight edit ensured the final film could be delivered to Formula 1 in time for the main broadcast race feed.
  • The F1 Rocks concert were broadcasted globally to over 247 million viewers in 134 countries



“The guys… understand contextual branded entertainment like no-one else we have worked with. Their commitment and understanding of the job at hand are second to none and this is why we trust them time and time again to deliver, despite the incredible time constraint and the inherent issues of working with celebrities of the sport and music world.”

John Simidian, F1 Rocks/ Enterprise Entertainment

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