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Virtual and hybrid events

Live event broadcasts

We have developed a range of virtual and hybrid solutions which we combine with our hosted platform.

Studio​ ​production and live streaming​ is not new to Sledge - we have streamed our clients’ live events around the world to extend the audience reach hundreds of times over the past 29 years. W​e have been researching and developing​ more effective ways to create shows virtually in line with our strategy to provide more ​sustainable event solutions​ prior to the worldwide requirement for virtual streamed events in 2020.

We produce broadcasts shows in the same way we would produce a live event. We ensure they have ​engaging content, showcase the topic, and provide opportunities to meet, network, share and learn,​ just like a live event but as a virtual meeting.

We create an online venue ​via our bespoke ​Event Platform ​to pre-engage audiences, host live streams, and continue the conversations after the event.​ Unlike off-the-shelf products, our solution is not restricted as we offer
b​espoke and in-house delivery ​​for your awards, conferences, roadshows or exhibitions.​