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Technological advances in content creation

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Recent technological advances have completely changed our approach to video content creation. The availability of cost effective and high quality cameras and platforms has allowed creators access to equipment that they would have only dreamt of ten years ago. Stabilised aerial photography, for example, used to be a luxury that only movies, commercials or the richest of corporate budgets c...

Sledge Presents… the Flash Gordon 35th Anniversary

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On 28th November, 2015, Sledge Presents… headed down to BAFTA 195 Piccadilly to reunite cast, crew and fans for the 35th Anniversary of the 1980 classic ‘Flash Gordon’. This never-been-done-before event raised money for UK charity MediCinema, as well as premiered the trailer for ‘Life After Flash’. “Life After Flash” is a crowd funded feature documentary headed by Lisa Downs...

Best International Event Winners Two Years In a Row!

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On Wednesday night at the Drum UK Event Awards we were delighted to be awarded “Best International Event” for the second year in a row! This award recognises the ability of our teams to deliver complex and engaging work not just in the UK but worldwide.

Event Technology Awards Win

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Sledge are delighted to win the award for ‘Best use of AV at an event’ for their production of the Dubai World Cup! The judges praised the innovative use of large scale audio visual production in creating a dramatic opening and closing ceremony, incorporating two 100m long moving projection screens with dramatic bespoke content.  

Press Release: iPhone 6S Press Launch

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As part of their unique customer offering, no true O2 brand experience would be complete without Music, England Rugby and The O2 Arena. To celebrate the unique partnership between the leading telecommunications provider and industry innovator Apple, events agency Sledge was enlisted to make the launch of the new iPhone 6S on O2 one to remember. As if collecting new handsets before anyone el...

Top 5 tips for a new project co-ordinator from a project co-ordinator

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As a brand spanking new Project Co-ordinator, it’s somewhat debatable how qualified I am to offer my thoughts and opinions on this matter. However, I have gleaned some tips along the way which hopefully would give some insight into how I’ve made my first few weeks a little bit more manageable. 1) Get involved in as many meetings as possible This is what will give you an idea of who does...

New markets, new experiences, happy travels!

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Sledge, meet Beijing! We know that a prerequisite to becoming a #eventprof is also being a pretty seasoned traveller, or indeed that it’s something that comes with the territory after a couple of years in the business…but a recent job out in Beijing got us thinking that, d’you know what, there’s always something you haven’t previously experienced! And we thought we would share s...

Can working longer hours benefit your work-life balance?

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We spoke to our team about how they manage the sometimes seemingly impossible task of balancing work and life. We all know that striking a successful work-life balance is harder than ever, arguably even more so in London and certainly with technology meaning we are contactable 24/7. We asked our MD Laura how she manages to fit so much into each day…it is certainly a mystery to the rest of...

The Power of Internal Social Media

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Just because your internal communications activity needs a closed network it doesn’t mean that interaction between your internal consumers shouldn’t be encouraged. Events are direct interaction points with employees, offering reward and recognition platforms as well as providing the opportunity to strengthen relationships and understanding. Social media can be a great platform to promot...