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What we do

We specialise in producing award-winning live and virtual experiences globally, which have reach and impact far beyond the events themselves.

As a creative agency, we help you produce content that sparks conversation, changes how people think, and motivates audiences to act.

Sledge news, insights and projects

We build the strategy, create compelling content, and deliver exceptional live and virtual experiences and film productions

Passionate storytellers, we live and breathe events and content. As experts in our field, we partner with you to create memorable and results-driven solutions.

We work globally, in-person and remotely, producing live and virtual events and films for a wide range of sectors and audiences, ensuring quality, excellence and value across all formats.

Sledge is your end-to-end event, content and creative agency partner. We understand your strategic intentions and design live experiences and films that reflect them.

Translating creative and strategy into experience

At Sledge we help you identify your strategic goals and what it is you need to achieve, and work with you to develop a creative solution while also shaping what should be said.

Our team then translates these messages into an event or content focused experience, or both, and creates the most effective environments for you to communicate your messages in.

We create live and virtual event experiences and film productions that are not only bespoke, they resonate with your audiences. We also ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, by providing end-to-end management.

An extended network of event and film talent

We not only lean on our own event, content and creative expertise, Sledge is connected to a community of talented industry experts who share our passion for live and virtual events, content and film.

They are all talented professionals in their own right, who we call on depending on the nature of your project, to ensure maximum success and cut through.

We’re incredibly tapped into the creative industries, continuously analyse what others have done, see what worked and what didn’t and, importantly, we learn from it.

Armed with this unique insight, we evolve our strategic and creative solutions so that we're at the forefront of our industry, and our clients are at the forefront of theirs.

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