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What we do

We are a team of calmly confident, courageously curious thinkers, who produce award-winning experiences and compelling content on a global scale.


Working with the best minds in the business, we are a mighty force that, as a collective, curates and delivers projects that have reach and impact far beyond the events and platforms themselves.

Sledge news, insights and projects

Passionate storytellers, we live and breathe experiences and content

Our event and film teams approach every project with a calmly confident, can-do attitude. They go above and beyond to develop compelling end-to-end campaigns, which encompass building the strategy, developing the creative, producing experiences as they unfold, and crafting the content across all formats and channels.

We know that a shared perspective is better than one, and so bring the right people together with the correct skills and attitude across all our projects. We take the time to understand your business, your goals, and your objectives, and act as a true extension of your team, collaborating both internally and with you every step of the way.

Our people are passionate about delivering campaigns that serve a higher purpose, and Sledge’s long lasting relationships with CSR-led organisations, as well as our own internal commitments are evidence of this.

The result? Innovative experiences and films spanning the corporate, consumer, government and non-profit sectors, which leave long lasting memories and compel audiences to take action all around the globe.

A creative approach to every event and experience

Our event experts possess a restless pursuit to be better than before, and always ask the ‘why’ when crafting your strategy and conceptualising creative ideas ​​– an approach that ensures they resonate when and where it matters most.

Leaning on our extensive experience, we produce event content, handle venue sourcing and management, and bring your creative concept to life on the day.

We pay close attention to the finer details, and as a mighty force of talent, curate our teams based on the specific needs of your project, no matter where in the world your event is set to take place.

Our fingers remain firmly on the pulse of the experience and creative industries, and we're constantly innovating so that we're at the forefront of our sector, and our clients are at the forefront of theirs.

Bold films and content that reach and resonate

Sledge's filmmakers are constantly challenging the status quo to hone in on the unique creative thread that sets your business apart from the rest, and creates meaningful connections between your brand and audience.

They work with you and our event team to ensure your chosen creative is woven throughout the storyboarding and scripting process, and complements your event or experience.

By utilising a combination of the latest, most sophisticated film, camera and audio technologies, they encapsulate key messages on screen, edit the content to suit your requirements at the post-production stage, and ensure maximum amplification across a multitude of platforms.

Our filmmakers epitomise a can do attitude, and are highly versatile and adaptable. They capture content in studios and on location, produce animations and motion graphics, and creative video assets for events and experiences. Their work extends beyond traditional physical screens, to truly immerse viewers in what they see.

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