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Communicating energy transition goals via compelling animations at COP26

COP26 Content Creation | Scripting | Animation | Live Action Imagery | Explainer Voiceover | Climate Change Focus | International Relations

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) wanted to educate both the general public and those attending COP26 about the process of achieving a just transition from energy systems that are powered by fossil fuels, to clean and environmentally friendly alternatives. It sought out the expertise of our filmmakers to support, by creating a compelling, informative, animated film.

  • Analysed complex information from a series of verified sources, to produce a compelling script that communicated key energy transition messages.
  • Developed an explainer film that took viewers on a journey through the transition process.
  • Created an illustrative landscape that acted as the main animation device, to ensure complex information was shared in an easily understandable way.
  • Ideated a voiceover-led approach in order to carry the narrative and complement the moving visuals that appeared on screen.
  • Curated a colour palette that complemented the purple and earthy green brand identity of COP26, for maximum consistency.
  • Oversaw all production, and managed an approval process involving several stakeholders, to deliver an engaging animated film for Energy Day at COP26.

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