Designing and managing two highly interactive virtual events for Aruba’s internal teams

Virtual Solution | One-Day Event | Live Studio | Pre-Recorded Content | Two Separate Events | Content Creation | COVID-19 Secure Working Environment | Breakouts | Goodie Bag Delivery

Created two virtual events in 13 days for two different audiences, both with a different tone and style and a mix of pre-recorded and live content

  • Delivered both events across one day
  • Thorough content and logistic planning to record all keynote presentations, breakout sessions and a comedy style short TV show
  • Quick turnaround, with all edits completed in a few days
  • A high-quality live studio environment built as the backdrop for all filming, with a heavy emphasis on COVID-19 health and safety
  • Live streamed through the Spotme platform, which enabled audience interaction, live polling, quizzes, Q&As, and the management of breakout sessions

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