Developing a premium entertainment experience complete with performances from Nile Rodgers, CHIC and more

Production | Live Seven-Piece Band | Bespoke Theme | Celebrity Host & Guests | Stage Set and Lighting Design | Theming, Dressing and Props | Guest Touchpoints | Glitz and Glamour | VIP Management  | Entrance and Guestlist Management

Entertain ticketed guests with a Brits viewing party followed by a special performance by Nile Rodgers & CHIC and guests

  • Production of the legendary musician, producer, songwriter Nile Rodgers' hosted Brit Awards Viewing & After Party
  • Held exclusively at the top floor of The Ned 
  • The cost of the party was taken care of by Nile and his friends
  • 100% of proceeds were split to directly support the incredible work of The Brit School and We Are Family Foundation 

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