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Creating, curating and delivering compelling content

Courageously curious by nature, our filmmakers employ a combined creative and strategic approach to content production, ensuring your vision is brought to life in ways that resonate with your audience.

Storyboarding | Scripting | Film Production | Content Creation | Animations | Motion Graphics | Event Films | Livestreams | Post Production | Social Media Content

Collaborating with you as a true extension of your team, we ask the ‘why?’ when interpreting your brief, resulting in highly strategic creative ideas that bring your story to life, and amplify your message further.

We constantly challenge the norm and look beyond traditional formats, with the aim of unearthing how the latest developments in film and its respective technologies can be leveraged for maximum impact.

This sees us utilise animation and motion graphics to distil complex data into easily digestible, bite sized films, carefully select state-of-the-art camera and lighting technology to breathe true life into the on-screen image, create snackable video content for social media, and more.

Our areas of expertise: a glossary

  • Storyboarding & Styleframing: A series of images or illustrations that showcase the planned order of images that comprise a film, and its overall look and feel.
  • Scripting: The narrative direction of a film, which includes the words that are either seen on screen or spoken during a film, and appear on camera, or as a voiceover.
  • Film Production: The process of capturing film content, and the logistics of bringing all elements together to ensure a seamless shoot.
  • Content Creation: The art of creatively brainstorming and bringing content to life.
  • Animations: Moving images and illustrations that add movement, and help to tell the story.
  • Motion Graphics: Pieces of animated or digital footage that are pieced together to add motion, and bring a piece to life.
  • Event Films: Content including opening videos, stings and highlight reels that add to the experience, and ensure it lives on long after it ends.
  • Live Streams: The live broadcast and transmission of an event or experience in real time, via the internet.
    Post Production: The editing and colour grading that goes into creating assets once filming or content generation has taken place.
  • Social Media Content: Snackable film pieces that are created especially for these digital platforms, to ensure maximum engagement.
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