We curate and deliver compelling film content

The Sledge skillset encompasses all media platforms, and film is one of our particular areas of expertise.

Our approach is to produce broadcast shows in the same way we produce live events. We ensure the content is engaging, bring the topic to life in compelling ways, and create opportunities for attendees to meet, network, share and learn,​ just like they would at an in-person event.

​Leaning on this experience, we interpret a client's brief, strategically and creatively formulate stories that speak to the brief, and use a curated combination of camera, film, graphics and animation technologies to bring these stories to life. ​

Highly skilled and versatile, our production crews can adapt to any environment, from film studios to location-based settings, and they utilise the latest equipment, including 4K and 6K broadcast and cinema cameras, high-end LED lighting, and sophisticated sound recording systems that capture the clarity of the narrative.

This sees Sledge produce unique, compelling and interactive film content that extends far beyond traditional physical screens, by virtue of its ability to engage viewers and immerse them in what they see.

Branded Content - Live Broadcasting & Streaming - Corporate Video & Documentary - Motion Graphics & Animation - Post-Production: Editing, Colour Grading & Finishing

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