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Live experiences

Innovative live events and campaigns for global audiences

We recognise that there’s nothing quite like experiencing an event as it unfolds in real time, and have deep expertise in delivering live projects across in-person, hybrid and virtual formats.

Awards & Ceremonies | Conferences & Seminars | Experiential Activations | Permanent Installations | Exhibition Design & Build | Product Launches | Roadshows | Press Events | Event Sponsorship | Website Platform Creation, Development & Management 

We bring experienced, purpose-driven teams of strategists, creatives, designers, producers and marketers together across every live event project.

Entrusted with freedom to deliver on the big picture, they collaborate by not only identifying your strategic goals, but developing unique creative solutions that surprise and delight audiences, and prompt a seismic shift from brand awareness, to brand advocacy.

We provide format recommendations based on your objectives and your audience, ensuring you reach and connect with those who matter most.

If we identify that a live hybrid or virtual event may be best suited, we look to our own virtual event platform, which is completely customisable, and focus on developing engagement strategies that weave elements of fun, play, networking and education throughout.

True storytellers at heart, our versatility and calmly confident approach ensures we seamlessly deliver live events throughout the globe, in both face-to-face and remote environments.

From large-scale sporting events and carefully curated press shows, to virtual programmes that connect global leaders and awareness campaigns for the general public, we are experts in planning, creating and managing in-person, virtual and hybrid live experiences.


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