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Virtual experiences

Storytelling is at the heart of our hybrid and virtual event experiences

Our courageously curious team of creatives, event planners and storytellers develop a range of hybrid and virtual experiences for clients, which are supported by our completely bespoke virtual event platform.

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We adopt a creative and strategic approach when producing virtual and hybrid experiences. Our focus is on engaging attendees, and ensuring both remote and in-person audiences are able to interact with the event, and connect with each other.

Our event planners achieve this by constantly asking the ‘why?’ to bring key topics to life in unique and timely ways, inject the fun into these experiences, and create new opportunities for attendees to meet, network, share and learn.

We curate our teams based on their skills, attitude and value they can bring to a project, and with high quality content essential across events today, work in close collaboration with our film production experts to ensure key messages are shared in effective ways, and remain in attendees’ hearts and minds.

Working with carefully handpicked experts, we pre-engage hybrid and virtual event delegates by creating online venues, host live broadcasts, and continue the conversation after the event through compelling communications.

All of this is made possible thanks to our bespoke virtual event platform. This is created, developed and constantly revised in-house, which means it can be customised to complement your specific project, objectives, and overall requirements.

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